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Privately owned and operated by people with families just like yours, Stillbrooke Homes Inc. and its related entities have garnered a reputation and market presence rarely achieved in such a short time span.  Now operating throughout the Southwest, Stillbrooke is positioning itself to remain a regional homebuilding force in the Southwest.  As a young homebuilding company, with an experienced team and sound reputation, we have successfully achieved a balance between volume building and our “custom home” roots.  We are proud of our unparalleled customer satisfaction results during this period of rapid growth.

The members of our management team have custom home as well as volume building experience that spans several decades.  After leading a local homebuilding company to a level of success that resulted in its purchase by a national company, Scott Henry started Stillbrooke Homes in 1997 with a vision to return the feeling to the homebuilding and buying process.  Rather than building houses that are just units produced to build wealth for shareholders, we build a home, carefully crafted to provide sanctuary from the outside world, warmth and shelter for growing families and an investment in your financial and emotional future.

Too often, custom builders cannot build enough volume to satisfy the developers and investors, and tract builders sometimes move and shake without regard to future developments and past homeowners.  Also, national building companies can move slowly and are usually run by people who are not immediately responsible for local results.  We are proud of our company structure, in which we have put secure systems in place to assure control and completion and also of our experienced staffs, who reside within our markets and oversee local operations.